A Closing Word

A Closing Word

Why, with David Miscavige at the helm, is Scientology now the fastest-growing religious movement of the 21st century?

You have now glimpsed both the face of Scientology and the underbelly of the S.P. Times. The first is a genuinely glorious look at a better world for all Mankind. The second is like looking down a drainpipe. Not everything is clear, but one can certainly discern enough to know it's unwholesome and unsavory.

That the S.P. Times would elect to cancel a scheduled interview with Mr. Miscavige and yet interview a repo-man, a flogger of used furniture and a suborner of perjury, then fob it all off as the basis of a David Miscavige profile, is not journalism; it's media manipulation and naked character assassination.

That the S.P. Times sources would accuse Mr. Miscavige of the very misdeeds they themselves committed is not only an injustice, it's also a crime. For to slander a man of greatness and goodwill is to slander what is great and good within all of us.

Fortunately, however, the truth prevails. It prevails in the many millions who now live better lives because Mr. Miscavige presented unadulterated truths of Dianetics and Scientology in ways anyone can appreciate and utilize. It prevails in the many millions more who are now literate, drug-free, crime-free and happy because Mr. Miscavige presented other technologies of L. Ron Hubbard—pretty much just for the asking.

So if you want to know about David Miscavige and the Church of Scientology, don't ask the S.P. Times, don't ask a Kingpin, a Fact-Checker, a Con Man or an Adulteress. Ask a Scientologist; ask those who partner with Scientologists to help their fellow man; ask those who've seen what Scientology can do.

Then ask yourself: If the tabloid headlines presented by the S.P. Times are in any way balanced, accurate or fair—then why, with David Miscavige at the helm, is Scientology now the fastest-growing religious movement of the 21st century?

Investigative Reporting in the Public Interest

Freedom Magazine has long been a voice for the Church of Scientology. Today, that voice exposes journalistic injustice within St. Petersburg Times—the trickery, the deception, the arrogance.

But we know we are not alone. So to all who have been capriciously targeted by the Times: public servants, community leaders and members of the business community — let Freedom hear from you

And together, we can take a stand for decency and fair coverage.