A Renaissance for Scientology

A Renaissance for Scientology

David Miscavige Recovers Original L. Ron Hubbard
Scriptures and Embarks on the Most Expansive
Publishing Program in History


What is now known throughout the world of Scientology as the "Golden Age of Knowledge" was inaugurated by Chairman of the Board Religious Technology Center (RTC), Mr. David Miscavige, in March 2005. It is the single most embracive RTC program in history and reflects literally hundreds of thousands of hours of scriptural verification and restoration.

It follows from the fact that the knowledge of Dianetics and Scientology forms a chronological path of L. Ron Hubbard's research into the mind, spirit and life culminating in the development of the Scientology Bridge. But as only a portion of those materials were previously available, there remained no way for Scientologists to gain a complete understanding of the full wisdom that comprised Mr. Hubbard's religious legacy. To provide just that, Mr. Hubbard had long envisioned the day when his written and spoken materials could be made broadly available to all Scientologists.

That is what originally heralded the Golden Age of Knowledge, and that is what Mr. Miscavige announced with these words:

"So there you have the landmarks by which you can travel the L. Ron Hubbard track of research."

Released under a Golden Age of Knowledge banner, and to precisely that end, came the complete body of L. Ron Hubbard Congresses. Here were Mr. Hubbard's broad public forums wherein he announced the milestone discoveries of Dianetics and Scientology. In all, the Congresses comprise landmark L. Ron Hubbard lectures—and they had never before been made broadly available. Then again, like all else that would come to light within this Golden Age of Knowledge, these lectures were translated in 15 languages, thereby making Scientology accessible to half the world's population.

It was likewise in the name of a new Golden Age of Knowledge that Mr. Miscavige oversaw and directed the restoration of all basic L. Ron Hubbard books and lectures—universally known throughout Scientology as "The Basics" for the fact they represent the very foundation of the religion itself. The lectures had never been broadly accessible since their original recording 50 years earlier. All of that changed in June 2007 when Mr. Miscavige announced their full digital restoration and release on compact disc—again, in 15 languages.

In the last two years alone, more than 60 million copies of The Basics have been placed into the hands of people world over.