The Way to Happiness

Peace & Unity

On a Mission of Peace with The Way to Happiness.

The unusual juxtaposition is undeniable: in conventional wisdom, bikers equal trouble, so 800 bikers must equal a lot of trouble. But the surprising truth on the streets of South Los Angeles defies the conventional wisdom, since it is precisely here that bikers of all races, creeds, and colors gather monthly for the heretofore unthinkable: they ride for peace.

Specifically, they take to the streets with the 21 precepts of L. Ron Hubbard’s booklet, The Way to Happiness. Created by two prominent community leaders—Minister Tony Muhammad of the Nation of Islam and Reverend Alfreddie Johnson, founder of the World Literacy Crusade—the peace rides saturate neighborhoods with the common sense guide to better living that has been distributed by the millions internationally and has an established record of reducing crime and violence wherever it is handed out.