Human Rights

Rights for All

Youth for Human Rights International delegates from 42 countries were a major presence at the 2017 International Human Rights Summit at the United Nations.

The 14th Annual International Human Rights Summit, organized by Youth for Human Rights International (YHRI), an arm of United for Human Rights, was held at United Nations headquarters in New York City in August 2017. Some 360 people from 64 countries, including diplomats, U.N. ambassadors, human rights activists, educators and representatives of nongovernmental organizations, attended the three-day event, which was followed by an open house in the Church of Scientology Community Center in Harlem.

Youth for Human Rights representatives briefed ambassadors and diplomats on the vital role the Church plays in supporting the YHRI campaign. Ambassadors from Cambodia and Panama invited YHRI for high-level meetings with their officials in the ministries of education and foreign affairs and other agencies to discuss the potential for adopting human rights programs in both nations. Additionally, diplomats from Italy, Ireland, Brazil and Liechtenstein explored ways to hold similar meetings between their governments and YHRI.