The Truth About Drugs

The Truth About Drugs documentary

Scientology Network documentary on illicit drugs provides personal accounts of the dangers of the most abused drugs.

A two-hour documentary entitled The Truth About Drugs, now being broadcast on the Scientology Network, is a riveting trip into the world of illicit drug use and the dangers therein. Viewers worried about the social ills of illicit drug abuse have reacted strongly to the documentary. The information includes facts about the deadly drugs available on the streets today and the threats to life and health that they create.

The film explores the dangers of alcohol and drugs that have been legalized, such as marijuana, which just like “hard” drugs, have devastated untold numbers of lives worldwide. The work also offers insight into the risks of methamphetamines, heroin, cocaine, crack, synthetic drugs, opioids and other highly addictive pharmaceuticals.

The drug trade, as the documentary illustrates, is a multibillion-dollar industry that destroys individuals, families and cultures around the world through not only street drugs, but the abuse of pharmaceuticals like those that have fueled the current opioid crisis and introduced other dangerous narcotics into a world already suffering the misery of drug dependence.

This documentary’s vivid descriptions take viewers into the lives of those who experienced the hell of drug addiction before beating their dependencies. These truthful and heart-rending stories show clearly the impact of drugs on individuals and how drugs have destroyed both mental and physical health, a warning to others not to follow in their footsteps.

This video also serves as a powerful opening presentation and introduction to the Foundation for a Drug-Free World.

Watch it on the Scientology Network and on demand at Scientology.tv