The Grassy Knoll

The Grassy Knoll


“Then we found Amy Scobee and she, like these others, is not on that grassy knoll that fires stuff onto the Internet.”
—Joe Childs

“Nasty, nasty, nasty. It’s so nasty!”
—Church counsel Monique Yingling on reviewing the more than 300 Scobee postings on outlaw websites.

Dismissed from Scientology management for gross incompetence and sexual misconduct, Amy Scobee last called herself a Scientologist in 2005. She is now the self-proclaimed “Peacock” of an Internet fringe that posts salacious messages to incite hate crimes against Scientology and Scientologists. Although she has thus far escaped hate-crime scrutiny, she is now on record as among the most vitriolic Internet snipers.

Hence, the highly suspect claim from S.P. Times reporter Joe Childs that “Peacock” was “Internet clean” when he and Tom Tobin originally searched her out in early 2009.

Also pertinent to the “Peacock” story: She was originally removed from Church management ranks in 2002, in no small part for repeated extramarital affairs—even including the later seduction of and sexual affair with a staff member she pretended to counsel, which is among the most egregious violations of Scientology ethics. Moreover, she did this in a counseling room while already on the Rehabilitation Project Force.

But the real indiscretions of the “Peacock” story are her semi-pornographic postings on the Internet.

Such postings tend to “take on a life of their own,” Tobin admitted in discussions with Church representatives, and he was right. For the fact is, virtually every Tobin-Childs allegation appearing in the S.P. Times originally appeared as a “Peacock” Internet posting between May 2006 and early June 2009.

Not surprisingly, the Monday after the Tobin-Childs series saw the light of day (June 29 to be precise), the Church received a phone call from a local Scientologist at approximately 10:15 in the morning. The caller informed the Church he had just seen Scobee, joined by both reporters from the S.P. Times, enjoying what can only be surmised to be a celebratory brunch at Clearwater’s International House of Pancakes—after which she spent the day sunbathing on Clearwater Beach.